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How Can I prepare?

Keep up to date with current medical affairs

Here are some ideas:



Gain a basic appreciation of fundamental medical ethics

Practice talking about your skills/experiences to a friend/family member 

Make sure you have prepared some thoughts on the following topics:

I wouldn't suggest learning anything of by rote, rather it's important that you can talk spontaneously about these things. Each interviewer is likely to have a different way of asking about the key things discussed above so make sure your ideas are adaptable. Having at least 3 examples for each point allows you to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your experiences 

Some top tips...

Don't talk too fast!!

Breathe, take time to reflect

Don't worry about other people's experiences

what to expect at interviews 

Most medical Schools interview candidates before making offers. The format of the interviews differs from each medical school but are generally conducted in one of two ways

Panel interviews

 These take the format of a 'traditional' interview. You sit in front of a panel of interviewers who may be a mix of faculty members and practising clinicians. Typically you might be asked about information relating to your personal statement, about your motivations for studying medicine, your experiences caring for others and your awareness of current medic

MMI (multiple mini interviews)

You go round multiple mini stations. You usually have a few minutes at each station. These might involve a discussion about your skills and interests, an ethical dilemma, a problem solving task or role play scenario.

Usually you are given the task and then have a few minutes to prepare before you 'enter' the station 

These can be quite stressful because they're quite fast paced and require you to think on your feet but the upside is that having multiple stations means that you can afford to have a few wobbles. Each interviewer has no idea how your previous task went so keep cool and collected and put the last station behind you!

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